onsdag 25. februar 2009

En utfordring

The students will design a bath house for 10 men and 10 women. The site is the empty square along Nidelven in the end of Kongens gate. At the moment, the site is a parking lot.

The task is to focus on the interplay of water and human body, and to create a construction that enables the most functional and poetic meeting of these two. Functional meaning that all the basic activity in such a building are well thought, for instance undressing, moving around, staying warm and washing oneself. Poetic meaning that the architecture is enhancing the site qualities with the help of materiality, lights and views in a meaningful and beautiful way, creating an atmosphere suitable for bathing, meeting people, even leaving the everyday thoughts behind for a while.

At the same time, the site is urban and the use of the structure is public.

Finally, in the design we are going to use: 1) heavy materials, stone, concrete etc to take care of the meetings with the water, and 2) light materials, wood, glass etc to take care of the warmth needed in our climate and to articulate the levels of privacy in a very urban situation.

Tomten sett fra Kjøpmannsgata.

Tomten sett fra Bakklandet.

Innlevering: 11. mars.

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*Deline sa...

OoOoO spennende! Gleder meg til å se projekten din! :)

Pierre sa...

fin og rolig oppgave.

syns jeg leser rintala mellom linjene her.

følger spent med.

få de andre i klassen til å blogge.